Concept Description and Design Rationale

(C) This is another design study of an Armored Infantry Carrier. The purpose of this study was to explore the design feasibility of a reduced height personnel carrier that would have the minimum projected target area.

(C) The vehicle has a seven-man crew The men are seated in contoured seats, in a slightly reclining position, when the hatches are closed. In the partially open position, the crew sits upright, and the hatch provides overhead cover. The hatches flip all the way open for crew exit.

(C) In the lowered suspension mode, the vehicle armored compartment is approximately one meter in height. In the normal running position, the vehicle is approximately fifty inches high. Periscopes provide vision for the crew, and there is also an extendible panoramic periscope for better surveillance and for operating the remotely located Vehicle Rapid Fire Weapons System.

(C) The vehicle armor provides protection against rifle and machine gun fire, and against high explosive fragments. The concept can be made amphibious by inflating a peripheral curtain. There is also a remotely operating machine gun on each side of the vehicle.



(C) Characteristics and Outstanding Features


a. Weight: 24,000 lbs

b. Width: 120 inches

c. Height (top of hull) min: 1 meter

d. Height (overall) min: 47 inches

e. Length: 255 inches

f. Ground pressure: 4.0 psi

g. Variable ground clearance: 6-24 inches

h. Provides minimum projected target area against enemy threats.

i. Remotely located and controlled weapons.


Attatched drawing:

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