US Tank Concepts NO.2


Concept Description and Design Rationale

(C) This turreted concept mounts both rockets and missiles in separate, externally mounted, automatic launchers. The rockets are for area targets, both direct and indirect fire. The intent of this concept is to explore the turret design and crew location possibilities when the cannon is replaced with a system that imposes relatively zero impulse when fired. We have learned that combining a cannon and missile in a turret produces a configuration that is highly traditional and cannon oriented.

(C) The concept provides reduced but effective armored volume with a minimum frontal silhouette. Since all weapons are mounted on the exterior, noise and smoke would be eliminated inside the crew compartment. Missile and rocket launchers could be stabilized trough 360 degrees of turret traverse.


(C) Characteristics and Outstanding Features


a. Weight: 40 ton

b. Width: 124 inches

c. Height (top of turret): 84 inches

d. Height (overall): 100 inches

e. Length (overall): 262 inches

f. Ground pressure: 11 psi

g. Variable ground clearance: 6-24 inches

h. Primary armament: Missiles & Rockets

i. Three man crew in minimum frontal armor envelope.

j. Elimination of smoke and noise inside the vehicle.

k. Stabilized automatic weapons system.



(U) Configuration is not adaptable to planned radiological and shaped charge protective measures.


Attatched drawing:

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