Materials and methods for ballistic protection (1968)

Today I have another tidbit from the 1968 Attaché to the US, this time about armor protection for light vehicles. The original documents (in Swedish) are available here.   Materials and methods for ballistic protection   The following details were handed over by Mr. Pagano and Mr. Phelps at ATAC. In recent years a lot … Continue reading Materials and methods for ballistic protection (1968)


The American S-tank

In 1968 a Swedish military attaché visited the ATAC in the US. Besides discussing the MBT 70 and its missile as well as new armor types they were also shown several conceptual tank designs, one of which was clearly inspired by the Strv 103. The rest of this article is taken directly from the US … Continue reading The American S-tank

Protection against shaped charges (1955)

Protection against shaped charge ammunition by Brent Johansson & P.E Ellergård   Summary The penetration of shaped charges in steel changes linearly with the materials tensile strength and also linearly with the hardness up to about 400 brinell. In regards to iron the penetration in high quality steel is about 25% less and in very … Continue reading Protection against shaped charges (1955)

Swedish tanks: Ikv 91 revisited

Ikv 91 The ikv 91 was a light tank/tank destroyer built specifically to provide Swedish infantry with effective and mobile fire support. Between 1975 and 1978 a total of 212 vehicles were delivered to the Swedish army, these served until the early 2000's when they were retired without a replacement. Development The Ikv 91's development … Continue reading Swedish tanks: Ikv 91 revisited